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National Show 2014 - Cheshire Show

Shorthorn National Champion: Churchroyd Penny 19 , overall national show champion 2014 from Ian Collins

Shorthorn National Champion: Churchroyd Penny 19, overall national show champion 2014 from Ian Collins

Collins family do the double at the 2014 Dairy Shorthorn National Show

17th/18th June 2014 | Judge: Neville Mueller, Australia

Today’s National Dairy Shorthorn Show, held at the Cheshire County Show, saw the milking heifer, Churchroyd Peggy 19 from Ian and Mary Collins, Lower Dewsbury, West Yorkshire,  secure the 4th National Championship.

This May calved Nejay Prince 4 daughter, out of Attwell Atom daughter Churchroyd Peggy 14, is currently giving 30 litres a day. Shown by Jane Ford, she is one of 11 cattle in the string from the Collins family at the show and has already picked up a championship at Stafford Show this summer.

This is the second time in the four years of the National Show that the Collins family have secured the championship with an animal from their Churchroyd herd of 130 milkers.

Commenting on his champion, Australian judge Neville Mueller said: “This is the first time I have ever put a heifer forward as overall champion, but she is such a fantastic heifer and the best example of the breed today.

“She is an outstanding heifer with an excellent udder, as well as being a balanced heifer with dairyness and capacity. “

The Collins family also secured the reserve overall championship with their senior cow Churchroyd Gwen 8. Classified Ex90, this fourth lactation Marleycote Maverick daughter calved in November, she is still giving 35 litres and in her last lactation gave 14,967kg at 3.25%bf and 3.37%p. She stood first junior cow at the South West Dairy Show in 2010 and is back in-calf to Lemon Grove Belagio. She is out of the VG87 scored Hooton Fair Measure daughter Churchroyd Gwen 5th.

Mr Mueller added: “She is an older cow that has matured well, as she has an exceptional udder for her age. This balanced cow shows clean lines and is full of dairy character.”

Standing reserve in the senior championship was Rob Morgan’s second prize winner Elkington Amber Princess 10, a Loughdale Rising Star Red daughter. Classified Ex91, she calved her fourth in February and is giving 35 litres a day and earlier in the season, she won the senior cow class at Stafford Show.

Honourable mention went to the first prize junior cow, the VG89 classified Churchroyd Pamela 15, a second lactation Churchroyd Victor daughter. She is producing 39 litres a day having calved in February with her total production to date being 4621kg at 3.69%bf and 3.02%p. She was reserve champion at Stafford Show this year.

Churchroyd Gentle 92 stood reserve heifer champion. She is by Nejay Prince 4 and out of a Churchroyd Victor daughter. She was fresh at the end of May and is giving 29 litres a day and last year stood first mature calf at the All Britain All Breeds Calf Show.

Rob Morgan and Roger Stockton’s Westonia Gay Lass 9 was honourable mention in the heifer championship. This springing in-calf heifer is by Rodway Reuben and out of Westonia Bacculum Lass. She is due to calve in three weeks to Cottonhall Titan.

Taking the calf championship as well as winning the best animal bred in Cheshire or North Wirral was Ben and Ebs Whittaker’s Tabley Moss Rose. This October 2013-born heifer is by the Ex91 classified stock bull Broadlane King Louis, while her dam Broadlane Moss Rose 12, a Broadlane Fabien daughter, was sold fresh calved at Beeston.

“My calf champion was a comfortable winner. This outstanding young heifer displayed all the dairy characteristics and qualities the Dairy Shorthorn requires.”

The reserve calf champion came from the senior calf class in the form of Churchroyd Gentle 94, an Attwell Atom daughter from the Collins family. She was first baby calf at the All Britain All Breeds Calf Show in 2013. Meanwhile, honourable mention was the junior calf Morwood Prince Gay Lass 2 from Rob Morgan. She is by Rodway Prince and out of Westonia Gay Lass 4. Her maternal sister stood reserve champion here last year and went on to win five further championships.

Further class results saw Neil Madeley win the cow in-calf class with Nejay Anne 2, a Drisgol Watzon daughter.

Then the progeny pairs class was won by Nejay Prince 4 daughters from the Collins family. They also stood top of the exhibitor group of three class with Churchroyd Peggy 19, Churchroyd Gentle 92 and Churchroyd Pamela 15.

Judge Neville Mueller has been retired from milking for ten 10, however, he still owns cows and is entered for his 67th consecutive Adelaide Royal Show this year. Last year he won the senior champion all breeds at Murray Bridge Show.  Commenting on his overall show of Shorthorn today, he added: “The winners showed exception dairy quality throughout all classes and my top lead is exceptional for any championship line up.”

Class results:

Junior calf, born 2014
1st Rob Morgan’s Morwood Prince Gay Lass 2, by Rodway Prince
2nd Messrs Garratt and Mannerings’ Attwoods Sunlight, by Nejay Ernie
3rd Messrs Garratt and Mannerings’ Attwoods Tabia 2, by Rodway Reuben
4th Ben and Ebs Whittaker’s Tabley Wizard Nellie, by Cottonhall Wizard
5th Rob Morgan’s Morwood Pimp Acacia, by Treeton Pimp

Intermediate calf, born from 1st July to 31st December 2013
1st Ben and Ebs Whittaker’s Tabley Moss Rose, by Broadlane King Louis
2nd Rob Morgan’s Morwood Pimp Tiny, by Treeton Pimp
3rd Rob Morgan’s Morwood Tornado Butterbur, by Glenbrook Tornado
4th Ian and Mary Collins’ Churchroyd Lady Rose 22, by Churchroyd Goldwin
5th Mr and Mrs Price Jones’ Dee Lady Barrington, by Lisnamulligan Fairway

Senior Calf, born from 1st January to 30th June 2013
1st Ian Collins’ Churchroyd Gentle 94, by Attwell Atom
2nd Messrs Norbury’s Broadlane Violet 73, by Dunham Viscount
3rd Messrs Garratt and Mannerings’ Attwoods Tabia, by Rodway Reuben
4th Rob Morgan’s Morwood Prince Claribel, by Rodway Prince
5th Martin Jackson’s Irthingvale Watzon Empress3, by Drisgol Watzon

In-calf heifer, to calve under three years of age
1st Rob Morgan and Roger Stockton’s Westonia Gay Lass 9, by Rodway Reuben
2nd Ben and Ebs Whittaker’s Tabley Empire Lady, by Llandovery Jinny’s Empire
3rd Ian Collins’ Churchroyd Amanda Red 10, by Churchroyd Lucky
4th Neil Madeley’s Nejay Erin 7, by Nejay Royalty
5th Rob Morgan and Roger Stockton’s Westonia Gay Lass 10, by Nejay Amadeus

Cow in calf
1st Neil Madeley’s Rodway Red Rose 36, by Kingsdale Libbys Rebel
2nd Ian Collins’ Churchroyd Mischief 4, by Churchroyd Lucky
3rd Rob Morgan’s Nejay Tiny 3, by Llandovery Jinny’s Empire
4th Martin Jackson’s Rodway Butterburr 52, by Rodway Starr Turn

Heifer in-milk, calved under three years of age.
1st Ian Collins’ Churchroyd Peggy 19, by Nejay Prince 4
2nd Ian Collins’ Churchroyd Gentle 92, by Nejay Prince 4
3rd Martin Jackson’s Churchroyd Gentle 90, by Drisgol Watzon
4th Messrs Norbury’s Broadlane Lady Laura 23, by Broadlane Lord Laurel

Junior cow, having had two or three calves
1st Ian Collins’ Churchroyd Pamela 15, by Churchroyd Victor
2nd Ian Collins’ Churchroyd Pamerla 14, by Churchroyd Pluto
3rd Messrs Norbury’s Broadlane Fairy 9, by Broadlane Fabian

Senior cow, having had four or more calves
1st Ian Collins’ Churchroyd Gwen 8, by Marleycote Maverick
2nd Rob Morgan’s Elkington Amber Princess 10, by Loughdale Rising Star
3rd Ian Collins’ Churchroyd Heather 43, by Attwell Atom

Production Inspection 25,000kg cow
1st Ian Collins’ Churchroyd Gwen 8, by Marleycote Maverick
2nd Ian Collins’ Churchroyd Heather 43, by Attwell Atom

Pair by the same sire, owned by one exhibitor
1st Ian Collins’ pair by Nejay Prince 4
2nd Ian Collins’ pair by Attwell Atom
3rd Messrs Garratt and Mannerings’ pair by Rodway Rueben
4th Rob Morgan’s pair by Rodway Prince
5th Rob Morgan’s pair by Treeton Pimp

Exhibitor’s group of three
1st Ian Collins
2nd Ian Collins
3rd Rob Morgan
4th Messrs Garratt and Mannerings
>5th Martin Jackson