Champion: Winbrook Wren 6th GA & D Dent

Champion: Winbrook Wren 6th GA & D Dent

On Monday Penrith & District Farmers’ Mart held the annual prize show and sale of 31 pedigree dairy Shorthorn cattle.

The pre-sale show was judged by Mr T Ripley, Crook who awarded the championship honours to an in-milk light roan heifer Winbrook Wren 6th from GA & D Dent, she went on to make 1850gns to Mr LM Harrison & Sons, Lancaster.

Reserve honours went to the second placed in-milk heifer, Newpark Barrington 11th, a newly calved roan heifer from Mr DH Craig, New Park Farm, she later went under the hammer for 2020gns, purchased by Ripley & Ramesar, Co Durham. 

The top price on the day was 2050gns, this was paid for a roan newly calved heifer from GA & D Dent, Winton House, bought by Messrs Dent, Kaber Fold, Kaber.

Winbrook VI 143rd, a fresh calved heifer from Messrs GA & DW Dent, Winton House, topped at 1,450gns to Messrs B Lawson & Son, Fife.