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Winbrook Jill 60th

Winbrook Jill 60th

Tuesday 22nd August 2017

A top quality entry of 48 Dairy Shorthorn Cattle were presented at Penrith & District Farmers’ Mart LLP for their Annual August Sale on Tuesday.

Buyers were spoilt for choice with nine leading North Country herds showing modern milky cows and heifers, either freshly calved or springing to calve.

Top price of the day was 2800gns paid for lot 3, Winbrook Jill 160th, sold new calved giving 40 litres with 5.31% butter fat. This roan daughter of the Australian sire Llandovery Jinnys Empire was from Messrs GA & DW Dent, Winton House now joins the old established Ireby herd of Messrs Ritson.

Messrs GA & DW Dent also sold the next highest price at 2520gns, for lot 2, in-calf Cow Winbrook VI 147th. A red and white daughter of the Marleycote AI giving 6,676kg, 5.7% fat & 3.84% protein, purchased by Miss B Blenkharn for her newly establishing herd.

New calved heifers topped at 2100gns for lot 20 Hauxwell Pauline from Messrs Ripley & Ramesar herd.

The one bull entered by J Teasdale & Son was the light roan Winbrook King Kirk, he sold for 1500gns to A Lawson, Fife.

Other Leading Prices

In Milk Cows
1800gns Winbrook VI 151st to G Norbury
1700gns Winbrook Dewdrop 146th to N Teasdale

In Milk Heifers
2020gns Winbrook Cactus 31st to JHJ Whitton & Sons
2000gns Hauxwell Lady Serene 23rd to G Norbury
1980gns Newpark Margaret 29th to A Lawson
1950gns Hauxwell Joy to G Norbury
1800gns Oxton Foggathorpe 802nd to Messrs Bell
1800gns Newpark Digitalis 15th to H Brough
1800gns Newpark Wildeyes 11th to C Norbury
1750gns Broadlane Tulip 14th to Messrs Parker
1720gns Hauxwell Cowslip to I Askew
1700gns Winbrook Jill 167th to A & AJ Marston
1700gns Broadlane Lady Laura 31st to Messrs Parker

In Calf Cows & Heifers
2400gns Winbrook Clara 31st to Messrs Dent
2250gns Winbrook Peeress Rose 20th to C Dent
1800gns Winbrook VI 164th to C Dent
1750gns Winbrook VI 161st to JW Coulthard & Sons

Heifer Stirks
920gns Bilbro Vain Lucy to JT James