Tuesday 21st March 2017

On Tuesday 21st March Penrith & District Farmers’ Mart LLP conducted the first sale to disperse the long established Brafell Herd of Dairy Shorthorns on behalf of Messrs J Teasdale & Son, Brick House, Kirkbean.

The 100 cattle on offer comprised of the February Calved Cows and Heifers, Heifer Calves and a selection of Maiden Heifers. The sale created a lot of interest from both pedigree and commercial milk producers.

The star attraction at the sale was Brafell Rosalyn the first prize in milk junior cow and reserve breed champion at the 2016 Highland Show. This freshly calved red 4th calver giving 31 litres and after spirited competition was knocked to Fife pedigree breeders Bazil Lawson & Sons at 1750gns to join their well known Lisnamulligan herd of British Friesian and Shorthorns.

Leading Prices – Cows & Heifers
Brafell Taffy Brown 17th - 1300gns to Mr CJ Parry
Brafell Bella 10th - 1100gns to Messrs Ramsay
Brafell Surprise 11th - 1100gns to Messrs Hewson
Brafell Lady Furbelow 4th - 1090gns to S Swales
Brafell Polly 18th - 1080gns to M Dobson
Brafell Lady Laura 18th - 1060gns to S Swales

Leading Prices – Bulling Heifers
Brafell Bella 13th - 910gns to DM Throup
Brafell Polly 19th - 800gns to M Dobson

Leading Prices – Heifer Calves
Brafell Pepsi Swallowtail - 490gns to undisclosed buyer
Brafell Lady Hermione 31st - 440gns to M Dobson
Brafell Lady Hermione 35th - 400gns to undisclosed buyer
Brafell Moira 6th - 340gns to D Throup
Brafell Ruby 56th - 320gns to M Dobson

A reduction from Mr SW Girvan’s Bishopsbrae herd sold well with the following prices being obtained
Bishopsbrae Royal Kathleen 5th - 1180gns to B Lawson & Sons
Bishopsbrae Royal Kathleen 3rd - 1140gns to R Boote
Bishopsbrae Countess - 1020gns to TJ & EM Jackson