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Royal Highland Show 2015

Champion: Strickley Barrington Dot 21

Champion: Strickley Barrington Dot 21

Strickley Storm to Success at the Royal Highland

18th/21st June 2015 | Judge:

Emerging with the Championship honours at this year’s Royal Highland was Strickley Barrington Dot 21st from Messrs Robinson, Kendal, Cumbria. Sired by Llandovery Jinny’s Empire, this intermediate cow in milk was a “handy winner” for Judge David Price-Jones.

Reserve Champion: Bishopbrae Royal Kathleen

Reserve Champion: Bishopbrae Royal Kathleen

Shown by James Robinson, Strickley Barrington Dot 21st clinched her first major win today having calved her second, a heifer calf by Llandovery Prides Prophet, early in May.  Currently giving 45kgs daily with 4%F and 3.29%P she was classified VG86 as a two and a half year old.  James is hoping to serve her this time to Nejay Ernie.

Commenting on his Champion David Price-Jones said “she has great dairy character and parades well on good legs and feet.  She is a tremendous milk machine.”

Reserve Champion was awarded to Steven Girvan with Bishopsbrae Royal Kathleen 2nd.  This is this first daughter of the three times consecutive Highland Champion Bishopsbrae Royal Kathleen VG88.  The Kirkbryde Royal Event daughter calved in February is currently milking in her third lactation and is going to be flushed this time to Strickley True Perfection.  David Price-Jones admired the cow as “she matched my Champion in bone quality, dairyness and openness of rib.”

Further class results proved the Lisnamulligan Princess Anne family prolific.  Adam Lawson won the Maiden heifer class with Princess Anne 9th a calf by Tonelea Wild King that “had such stretch” and the Cow in Calf class with Princess Anne 4th VG87.  A daughter of Lisnamulligan Fairway that “demonstrated great dairy strength” whilst carrying her third calf.  Adam Lawson also stood top of the heifer in milk class with the overall Junior Champion Lisnamulligan Lady Barrington 3rd by Hooton Fair Reflection.  A freshly calved heifer “that will mature well on a fantastic set of legs and feet.”

Messrs Robinson secured the In-Calf heifer class with Strickley Goldie 223rd “a lovely balanced heifer exhibiting great promise underneath” by Strickley Gold Panner.  Strickley Goldie 223rd went on to claim Reserve junior Champion.  James also triumphed in the senior cow class with Strickley Lily 12th VG88 by Innisfail Prince of Diamonds milking with her 4th.  

John Teasdale secured the final class of the day in the Diary Shorthorn ring with a Pair of daughters from Kirkbryde Royal Event.  Brafell Molly 6th and Brafell Rosalyn “were easy winners as they are like two peas in a pod”.

Finally huge congratulations extend to Steven Girvan, John and Joe Teasdale for coming out of the Progeny Interbreed Group victorious with a trio of Kirkbryde Royal Event daughters. Felicitations!

Well done to all the exhibitors for turning out a spectacular display of Dairy Shorthorns.


Maiden Heifer

1st   Lisnamulligan Princess Anne 9th s: Tonelea Wild King - Adam Lawson
2nd   Lisnamulligan Lady Laura 3rd s: Dunham Aristocrat - Adam Lawson
3rd   Screel Jewel 11th s: Ireby Panama - Samantha Wilson
4th   Lisnamulligan Princess Anne 10th s: Dunham Aristocrat - Adam Lawson
5th   Newpark Clarissa 26th s: Ireby Pioneer - D H Craig
6th   Parkhouse Pansy 5th s: Newpark Jeans Enterprise - MG & V E Bowman

Heifer  in-calf

1st   Strickley Goldie 223rd s: Strickley Gold Panner - James Robinson
2nd   Bishopsbrae Royal Kathleen 5th s: Brafell Winner - Steven Girvan
3rd   Lisnamulligan Sharon Rose 5th s: Hooton Fair Reflection - Adam Lawson
4th   Newpark Margaret 26th s: Oxton Lord Foggathorpe - D H Craig
5th   Brafell Pepsi Swallowtail 18th s: Ireby Panama - J Teasdale & Son
6th   Brafell Clara United 7th s: Ireby Panama - J Teasdale & Son

Cow in-calf

1st   Lisnamulligan Princess Anne 4th s: Lisnamulligan Fairway - Adam Lawson
2nd   Strickley Lily 13th s: Poos Stadel Classic - James Robinson
3rd   Screel Countess 2nd s: Winbrook Oscar - J Teasdale & Son
4th   Newpark Jean 23rd s: Castiles Cherryade 2nd - D H Craig

Heifer in Milk

1st   Lisnamulligan Lady Barrington 3rd s: Hooton Fair Reflection - Adam Lawson
2nd   Brafell Barrington 2nd s: Kirkbryde Royal Event - J Teasdale & Son
3rd   Lisnamulligan Fairy 14th s: Meadowhaven Prides Star - Adam Lawson

Junior Cow in Milk

1st   Strickley Barrington Dot 21st s: Llandovery Jinny’s Empire - James Robinson
2nd   Bishopsbrae Royal Kathleen 2nd s: Kirkbryde Royal Event - Steven Girvan
3rd   Brafell Molly 6th s: Kirkbryde Royal Event - J Tesadale & Son
4th   Brafell Rosalyn s: Kirkbryde Royal Event - J Teasdale & Son
5th   Screel Erin 3rd s: Breckney Gregory - Samantha Wilson

Senior Cow in Milk
1st   Strickley Lily 12th s: Innisfail Prince Of Diamonds - James Robinson


1st   J Teasdale & Son
2nd   Adam Lawson
3rd   Steven Girvan
4th   James Robinson
5th   Adam Lawson

OVERALL CHAMPION:   Strickley Barrington Dot 21st - James Robinson

RESERVE:   Bishopsbrae Royal Kathleen 2nd - Steven Girvan

HONOURABLE:   Lisnamulligan Lady Barrington 3rd - Adam Lawson

JUNIOR CHAMPION:   Lisnamulligan Lady Barrington 3rd - Adam Lawson

RESERVE JUNIOR:   Strickley Goldie 223rd - James Robinson