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Staffordshire County Show 2016

Champion: Cotonhall Duchess Anne 16

Champion: Cotonhall Duchess Anne 16

1st & 2nd June 2016 | Judge: M Hayward

Cotonhall Champion of Champions

Judge Mathew Hayward, Hooton herd, Newark had no reluctance as he tapped out his Champion Cotonhall Duchess Ann 16th from Rob and Kate Kite. “The cow was an effortless winner today with fantastic scope, stretch, and quality of udder.” A sentiment that was echoed by the Interbreed judge Ashley Fleming as he made her Supreme Dairy Champion.

The Drisgol Watzon daughter won the intermediate class having just calved her third calf six weeks ago. The judge commented that “she had a fantastic bloom to her udder, with great width and height through the rear. She exuded style on parade and had beautiful bone quality.” She is currently giving 40kgs daily and her first daughter by Cotonhall Logical has just entered the milking herd alongside her. Classified VG87 as a second calver Duchess Ann 16th is no stranger to the show ring having won the Reserve Championship at Newport and here last year but this is certainly her first major win. Fingers crossed she is now in calf to Cotonhall Jagger a Morwick Sand Ranger son out of Cotonhall Joy 3rd last years Dairy Shorthorn Champion.

Reserve Champion: Cotonhall George Lady Barrington

Reserve Champion: Cotonhall George Lady Barrington

Reserve also went to R Kite with Cotonhall George Lady Barrington VG86 who won the Junior cow class.  She calved her second a heifer calf by Syd Abru merely ten days ago, making this a “cow to watch out for”.  She is fifth generation VG|EX and her great great grand dam has just achieved over 100,000kgs lifetime yield in eleven lactations.  With such a back pedigree this cow certainly has heaps of potential not to mention her previous show ring successes; 1st placed heifer in milk at Newport 2015 and Champion Dairy Shorthorn at Nantwich 2015.

Further class results saw R Kite win the heifer in milk class with Cotonhall Prophet Cherry.  This is the first major outing for the heifer that paraded on a “great set of legs and feet with beautiful clean lines and great balance”.  However her dam Cotonhall Cherry 4th EX90 has many showing accolades to her name which can only mean great things for this youngsters show career.  She is currently giving 30kgs daily and calved her first heifer at the beginning of March.  This first outing proved extremely fruitful for the young heifer as she not only won her class, she then went on to win Dairy Shorthorn junior Championship and then (excuse the pun) to put the cherry on top she won the Interbreed Heifer class.  A truly outstanding achievement.  

RST & SA Morgan won the dry cow class with Rodway Lisbet 11th VG88 for the second year in a row with a Rodway Rueben daughter carrying her third.  The senior cow class was won by Rodway Red Rose 36th EX91 currently milking with her seventh at Morgan's but owned in partnership with Neil Madeley and R Madeley.  Judge Matt Hayward was “impressed with the body depth and dairyness that the cow oozed”.  This class was wonderfully represented showing off the breeds longevity as the Winnington family brought forward three excellent senior cows with little to dispute between them.

The in calf heifer class was won by Rodway Lady Laura 86th from R Madeley, a Strickley True Perfection daughter that exhibited great strength with phenomenal depth of rib.  The maiden heifer classes where yet again split into two because of the number of calves entered.  R kite won both sections.  First with a “lovely” baby calf Cotonhall Empire Cherry half sister to the winning heifer in milk, together this pairing would win the exhibitor bred pair out of the same dam or sire class.  The older maiden heifer class was awarded to Cotonhall Alfie Nellie a calf with an “exceptionally bright future, showing great style, balance and dairyness she was a clear winner today.”  

Day two boasts the interbreed classes which were judged by Ashley Fleming, Potterswalls herd Co Down, N Ireland.  Wow what a day for the Kite family, words can simply not express the glee that came by watching as the Cotonhall herd nearly had a clean sweep in the Interbreed classes.  A fantastic result for the Kite family for their hard work and dedication to Shorthorns in the short nine years since they started. Truly phenomenal.  Cotonhall Prophet Cherry won the heifer Interbreed title, Cotonhall Duchess Ann 16th won the Supreme Interbreed honours plus Rob clinched the Interbreed pair with Cotonhall Duchess Ann 16th and Cotonhall George Lady Barrington and then the Reserve Interbreed group was also all bred by the Kite family.  Judge Ashley Fleming was looking for dairyness, conformity and above all tremendous udder quality and he found these in the Cotonhall Dairy Shorthorns.

For a consecutive year in a row the Shorthorns shone at Staffordshire county show with the largest number of entries in the Dairy section and a spotlight in the Interbreed ring.  However thanks must always go to all the exhibitors and especially the youngsters who take the time and tremendous effort to bring their cattle out.  Thank you.


Heifer born on or after 1st January 2015 (class a)
1st     Cotonhall Alfie Nellie - Sire: Cotonhall Alfie | R Kite
2nd    Dee Wild Queen 26 - Sire: Dee Vinnies Lad | D & E Price-Jones
3rd    Rodway Red Rose 51 - Sire: Nejay Ernie | R & G Madeley
4th     Amber Favourite Claire 67 - Sire: Amber Sir Lancelot | J Hole & Sons
5th    Morwood Lady Barrington - Sire: Nejay Ernie | RST & SA Morgan
6th    Rantonall Lady Serene - Sire: Wreay Roseman | DJ & DS Winnington

Heifer born on or after 1st January 2015 (class 2b)
1st    Cotonhall Empire Cherry - Sire: Llandovery Jinnys Empire | R Kite
2nd    Cotonhall Duke Dewdrop - Sire: Cotonhall Duke | R Kite
3rd    Amber Merry Maid 65 - Sire: Amber Tornado | J Hole & Sons
4th    Morwood Massia 2 - Sire: Hooton Fair Ambition | RST & SA Morgan
5th    Amber Princess Alida 35 - Sire Amber Red Kestrel | J Hole & Sons
6th    Dee Lady Barrington 3 - Sire Cogent Retinue Red | D & E Price-Jones
7th    Rodway Lady Laura - Sire Blackwood Park Dan | R & G Madeley 

Heifer in calf
1st    Rodway Lady Laura 86 - Sire: Strickley True Perfection | R & G Madeley
2nd    Cotonhall Landmine Raspberry - Sire: Panorama Landmine | R Kite
3rd    Amber Princess Anne 104 - Sire: Lisnamuligan Fairway | J Hole & Sons
4th    Morwood Foggathorpe Lass - Sire: Lowslands Franklin | RST & SA Morgan

Cow in calf
1st    Rodway Lisbet 11 - Sire: Rodway Rueben | RST & SA Morgan
2nd    Rantonall Dainty Princess 26 - Sire: Rontonall Roy | DJ & DS Winnington

Heifer in milk
1st    Cotonhall Prophet Cherry - Sire: Llandovery Prides Prophet | R Kite
2nd    Cotonhall Lennox Moonlight - Sire: Cotonhall Lennox | R Kite
3rd    Morwood Tornado Butterbur - Sire: Glenbrook Tornado | RST & SA Morgan

Junior cow in milk, having calved 2 times
1st    Cotonhall George Lady Barrington - Sire: Sir Ridgedal Rustler Red | R Kite
2nd    Morwood Rueben Tiny - Sire: Rodway Reuben | RST & SA Morgan
3rd    Morwood Rueben Claribel - Sire: Rodway Reuben | RST & SA Morgan

Cow in milk, having calved 3 times
1st    Cotonhall Duchess Ann 16 - Sire: Drisgol Watson | R Kite
2nd    Dunham Daffodil 46 - Sire: Kayl Walkabout | J Lomax & son
3rd    Ratonall Songstress 42 - Sire: Rantonall Roy | DJ & DS Winnington

Senior cow in milk, having calves 4 times or more
1st    Rodway Red Rose 36 - Sire: Kingsdale Libbys Rebel | RST & SA Morgan
2nd    Rantonall Burrows 34 - Sire: Rantonall Tiger | DJ & DS Winnington
3rd    Rantonall Wild primrose 34 - Sire: Rantonall Jacob | DJ & DS Winnington
4th   Rantonall Joy 85 - Sire: Rantonall Jacob | DJ & DS Winnington

Group of three animals
1st    R Kite
2nd    DJ & DS Winnington
3rd    RST & SA Morgan
4th    J Hole & Sons

Group of two females, by one sire, or out of one dam, or a dam and her daughter, bred by and the property of the same exhibitor.
1st     R Kite
2nd     DJ & DS Winnington
3rd     RST & SA Morgan
4th     R & G Madeley

Champion:     Cotonhall Duchess Ann 16 - Sire: Drisgol Watson | R Kite

Reserve Champion:     Cotonhall George Lady Barrington - Sire: Sir Ridgedal Rustler Red | R Kite