Royal Highland Show 2016

Dairy Champion: Winbrook Wren 2 - D Dent

Dairy Champion: Winbrook Wren 2 - D Dent

23rd June 2016 | Judge:  J Robinson

Winbrook Wren 2nd Wins the Royal Highland 2016

In a strong show of Dairy Shorthorn cattle at this years Royal Highland David Dent, Kirkby Stephen, Cumbria emerges victorious with Winbrook Wren 2nd.  Sired by Nejay Prince this senior cow in milk was “an obvious Champion” for Judge James Robinson, Strickley herd, Kendal.

RESERVE CHAMPION: Brafell Rosalyn - J Teasdale

RESERVE CHAMPION: Brafell Rosalyn - J Teasdale

Shown by Bekka Blenkharn this is the first time since 1989 that the Dent family have shown at the Royal Highland and what a return appearance.  Winbrook Wren 2nd has clinched her first major Championship honours, commenting on his winner James states “the Dairy Shorthorn breed Champions longevity and this cow displays this effortless, she still oozes milk carrying her udder exceptionally well for her age with superb capacity.”  Previous outings for this formidable senior cow have been to the one day Westmorland show where she won the Championship in 2014.

Winbrook Wren 2nd EX92 is currently peaking at 43kgs daily having produced 11,131kgs in her last lactation with 3.75%F and 3.27%P.   Milking in her sixth lactation now Wren has calved eight calves in total and still has “tremendous strength through the loin, width through the chest and excellent teat placement.”  Last years set of twin heifers by Marleycote Gold Blend leave the Winbrook team with high hopes.

Reserve Championship went to John Teasdale and Family with Brafell Rosalyn.  James Robinson says “there was little to separate Champion and Reserve, both are excellent examples of the breed”. Roslyn is no stranger to the Royal Highland show having made her debut as a milk heifer in 2014, since then this “clean boned cow with lovely venation and snugness especially in the fore udder” has been climbing the rankings in the show ring.  This Kirkbryde Royal Event daughter boasts being one third of the winning interbreed progeny group from last year and seems set on improving with each lactation.  “She will definitely have her day again.”  Rosalyn calved her third at the beginning of March and is giving 42kgs daily.

Further class results proved fruitful for Adam Lawson and family.  Winning the Maiden heifer class with Lisnamulligan Lady Rosemary a Hooton Envoy daughter that “paraded with such style on a great set of legs and feet.”  This calf with great depth of rib and stretch went on to win the Reserve Junior Champion title.  Lisnamulligan also topped the dry cow class with Whitetail 2nd EX91 yet another cow that has dominated the show ring here in previous years.  The Meadowhaven Pride's Starr daughter is carrying her sixth calf ad still “looks extremely youthful with beautiful clean lines.”  Adam Lawson then went on to win the exhibitor bred best pair of Dairy Shorthorns with his first and second placed Maiden heifers, Lisnamulligan Lady Rosemary and Lisnamulligan Lady Barrington 4th by Dunham Aristocrat “they matched perfectly and paraded with such style, a credit to the breeder.”  David Dent secured the heifer in calf class with Winbrook Dewdrop 145th by Marleycote Gold Blend.  Commenting on his first place James said “this is a lovely balanced heifer showing great promise underneath.”

Martin Jackson won the Heifer in Milk class with Bilbro Butterbur fresh from her Reserve Championship win at Otley show.  The Bilbro Barney daughter then went on to win the Junior Championship.  This mature looking heifer parades well with great venation and bloom of udder, James adds that he “admires the dairy wedge of this heifer, she was an easy class winner for me.”  Giving 29litres with 4.2%F and 3.9%P Butterbur calved a heifer calf by Churchroyd King Willie at the end of March.  Fingers crossed she is back in calf to Nejay Prince 4th and Martin hopes she will continue her success at the Great Yorkshire.

Well done to all the Exhibitors for turning out another great display of Dairy Shorthorns with such comradery and team work making for another fantastic show.

Maiden Heifer

1st   Lisnamulligan Lady Rosemary - s: Hooton Envoy | A Lawson
2nd  Lisnamulligan Lady Barrington 4 - s: Dunham Aristocrat | A Lawson
3rd  Bishopsbrae Royal Kathleen 6 - s: Strickley True Perfection | S Girvan
4th  Newpark Jean 25 - s: Tonelea Wild King | V Bowman
5th  Newpark Barbara 6 - s: Newpark Jeans Enterprise | V Bowman
6th  Winbrook Vi 165 - s: Winbrook Pedro | D Dent
7th  Brafell Polly - s: Briscoll Laird | J Teasdale
8th  Newpark Foggathorpe 9 - s: Villabrook Stockman | D Craig

Heifer In Calf

1st  Winbrook Dewdrop 145 - s: Marleycote Gold Blend | D Dent
2nd  Bilbro Heather 2 - s: Bilbro Barney | M Jackson
3rd  Brafell Donna 7 - s: Brafell Winner | J Teasdale
4th  Lisnamulligan Princess Anne 10 - s: Dunham Aristocrat | A Lawson

Cow In Calf

1st  Lisnamulligan Whitetail 2 - s: Meadowhaven Prides Starr | A Lawson
2nd  Lisnamulligan Princess Anne 4 - s: Lisnamulligan Fairway | A Lawson
3rd  Brafell Bella Donna 4 - s: Kirkbryde Royal Event | J Teasdale

Heifer In Milk

1st  Bilbro Butterbur - s: Bilbro Barney | M Jackson
2nd  Brafell Lady 7 - s: Brafell Winner | J Teasdale
3rd  Winbrook Jill 160 - s: Llandovery Jinny's Empire | D Dent
4th  Brafell Taffy Brown 17 - s: Brafell Winner | J Teasdale

Junior Cow In Milk

1st  Brafell Rosalyn - s: Kirkbryde Royal Event | J Teasdale
2nd  Winbrook Cactus 18 - s: Hooton Envoy | M Jackson
3rd  Irthingvale LJE Tulip - s: Llandovery Jinny's Empire | M Jackson
4th  Lisnamulligan Lady Barrington 3 - s: Hooton Fair Reflection | A Lawson
5th  Bishopsbrae Royal Kathleen 3 - s: Kirkbryde Royal Event | S Girvan

Senior Cow In Milk

1st  Winbrook Wren 2 - s: Nejay Prince | D Dent
2nd  Bishopsbrae Royal Kathleen 2 - s: Kirkbryde Royal Event | S Girvan

CHAMPION: Winbrook Wren 2 - D Dent

RESERVE CHAMPION: Brafell Rosalyn - J Teasdale

HONOURABLE MENTION: Bilbro Butterbur - M Jackson

JUNIOR CHAMPION: Bilbro Butterbur - M Jackson

RESERVE JUNIOR: Lisnamulligan Lady Rosemary - A Lawson