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Royal Cheshire County Show 2016

Champion: Churchroyd Peggy 19

Champion: Churchroyd Peggy 19

Churchroyd Peggy 19th Champion of Champions at the Royal Cheshire Show 2016 - 21st and 22nd June

For the third consecutive year IRG Collins & Partners proved victorious with the still undefeated Churchroyd Peggy 19th.  For Judge Ian Harries' Gelli Shorthorns, Llanelli, Carmarthenshire she was “an obvious Champion as her phenomenal capacity, sensational ring presence and bloom of udder easily gave her the advantage today”.  This sentiment was reiterated by the Interbreed Judge Edward Griffths as Peggy phenomenally won the Supreme title.

Reserve Champion: Cotonhall Duchess Anne 16

Reserve Champion: Cotonhall Duchess Anne 16

A firm family favourite Churchroyd Peggy 19th has recently been classified EX91 after calving into her third lactation at the beginning of May, she has peaked at 55kgs daily.   This Nejay Prince 4th daughter, shown by Ian Collins headed an extremely strong class of nine intermediate cows.  Peggy is racking up the trophies as she boasts multiple Championship honours plus two Reserve Interbreed wins as a heifer in milk.  This time round Peggy has had a bull calf by Churchroyd Wildcard which will be reared as a stock bull a justified decision considering in her second lactation she produced 8,665litres with 4.55%F and 3.25%P in 305 days.  These figures contributed to Peggy also winning the Production Inspection class. Commenting on his Champion Ian Harries felt that Peggy has an “exceptional mammary system with great height and width in the rear whilst the fore udder beautifully blends into the body. Definitely an effortless winner.”

Reserve Champion was claimed by Cotonhall Duchess Anne 16th the second placed intermediate cow in milk from Rob Kite & Family, a Drisgol Watzon daughter currently milking in her third lactation. The judge stated that “this well balanced cow exuded style on parade tracking on a fantastic set of legs and feet.”  She is currently giving 40kgs daily and her first daughter by Cotonhall Logical has just entered the milking herd alongside her.  Classified VG87 as a second calver Duchess Ann 16th continues her successful showing streak having just been crowned the Interbreed Champion at Stafford Show.

Rounding up the Championship was Churchroyd Fay 11th VG86 from the Collins Family.  This Nejay Prince 4th daughter won the Heifer in Milk Class, then took the Junior Championship before standing as Honourable mention in what has been a remarkable show of Dairy Shorthorn cattle.  In what seemed to be the most difficult class of the day Ian Harries' states that “the top placings were extremely close but the bloom in the udder and chest width gave this sweet heifer the edge today”.

This is not the first outing for this promising young heifer who was Reserve Junior Champion at UK Dairy Expo 2015 as a heifer in calf and Reserve Champion at ABAB 2015 as a mature calf.  She calved her first heifer calf by Churchroyd Wildcard at the beginning of April and is currently giving 30kgs daily.

Further class results saw Rob Kite secure the Calf Championship for the third year in a row.  This years winner Cotonhall Alfie Nellie demonstrates “great promise underneath with such length and style on parade”.  This Cotonhall Alfie daughter continues her success after winning the North Midlands Calf Championship at Stafford Show.   Ian Harries' was certainly impressed by this “well balanced calf that oozed dairy character.” 

The Kite Family also stood top of the Junior calf class with Cotonhall Empire Cherry, this is the second outing and second red rosette for this young calf.  Led by Anna Crank, this Llandovery Jinny's Empire daughter “is well grown with a great top line and great stretch.”  The Intermediate calf class was won by David Wainwright's Boothdale Princess a Lemon Grove Bellagio daughter.  In a cracking class of nine calves the “tremendous length and excellent set of legs and feet made her an obvious winner”.  Collins' clinched the In Calf Heifer class with “a tall heifer has great scope and looks very promising underneath”.  Churchroyd Amanda Red 13th yet another Nejay Prince 4th daughter is due to calve in the next month.

The Collins' family continued a successful day with first place in the Dry cow Class with a Churchroyd Victor daughter Churchroyd Heather 50th EX94 who is coming with her fifth.  “The seniority gave this cow the edge today”.  Finally Churchroyd Fay 7th EX93 mother of the winning heifer in milk found her way to the top of the Senior Cow in Milk class.  Out of Panorama Aramis this fourth calver “clinched the first place today for the bloom in the udder and great width and height in the rear”.

The BOCM Silcock Ltd Perpetual Trophy this year went to the Crank Family with a lovely uniformed pair of Hooton Envoy daughters, Avondale Butterbur 23rd  and Earlsgift Dewdrop 4th.  “This pair paraded on fantastic legs and feet and were like two peas in a pod“  Whilst the Kelmscott Perpetual Trophy for the best group of three went to Rob Kite's well balance group of milkers; Cotonhall Duchess Anne 16th, Cotonhall George Lady Barrington and Cotonhall Prophet Cherry.  “This group was so well matched they were easy winners.”

Day two of Cheshire Show hosts the Interbreed class which the Dairy Shorthorns dominated in spectacular style.  In the first class of the day Graham and Barbara Bell's junior cow Irthingvale Watzon Meg 2nd found herself as Honourable Mention for the Best Animal Breed in Cheshire.  Next in the Mother and Daughter class the Collins Family took Reserve with Churchroyd Fay 7th and Fay 11th .  In the Best Heifer Breed in Cheshire Robert Cranks Earlsgift Lilian by Strickley True Perfection stood in the Reserve spot.  In the Heifer in milk class the Collins family also stood in the Reserve spot with Churchroyd Fay 11th a truly fabulous result.  Churchroyd also had the honour of standing first and second in the Production Inspection class with Churchroyd Peggy 19th and Churchroyd Heather 50th.

The Dairy Shorthorns seemed to be wowing Interbreed Judge Edward Griffths, South Yorkshire.  The day went from strength to strength for the breed.  The next class was the Exhibitor bred pair, in a class of eight pairs Rob Kite won the first place honours with Cotonhall Duchess Anne 16th and Cotonhall George Lady Barrington.  Edward Griffths states that “this pair of Dairy Shorthorns is what the breeds about, fantastic legs and feet, modern, elegant cows that were easy winners today.”  In the Progeny pairs class Rob Kite and Graham Bell stunned the judge with two Drisgol Watzon daughters, Cotonhall Duchess Anne 16th and Irthingvale Watzon Meg 2nd.  Astonishingly in a class of six progeny pairs the shorthorns took the top three spots and they are all daughters of RCG bulls. Drisgol Watzon, followed by Nejay Pince 4th and then Hooton Envoy proving that the Shorthorns are breeding progeny with great uniformity.  To solidify this fact further the Dairy Shorthorn team of four that included Cotonhall Duchess Anne 16th, Cotonhall George Lady Barrington, Irthingvale Watzon Meg 2nd and Churchroyd Bronte Wildeyes 41st won the Interbreed Team of four.  Commenting on his winning team Edward Griffths was impressed with “such a well balanced, well matched group, clear winners”.

To top the day off with what has been an outstanding show for the Collins Family, Edward Griffths tapped out Churchroyd Peggy 19th as his Supreme Champion.  “This Dairy Shorthorn is a shining example for her breed, she carries her udder exceptionally well and the sheer capacity of this animal is outstanding, she has exceptional breed character and was a handy winner for me today.”

Junior Calf
    1.    Cotonhall Empire Cherry - s: Llandovery Jinny's Empire - R Kite
    2.    Dee Autumn 11 - s: Dee Vinnie's Lad - D & L Price Jones
    3.    Morwood Anne - s: Nejay Ernie - R Morgan

Intermediate Calf
    1.    Boothdale Princess - s: Lemon Grove Belagio - D Wainwright
    2.    Amber Merry Maid 65 - s: Amber Tornado - J Hole
    3.    Cotonhall Bacculum Josephine - s: Dudoc Bacculum - R Kite
    4.    Cotonhall Ambrose Clarissa - s: Cotonhall Ambrose - R Kite
    5.    Dee Lady Barrington - s: Cogent Retinue Red - D & L Price Jones
    6.    Amber Princess Alida - s: Amber Red Kestrel - J Hole
    7.    Morwood Ellen - s: Hooton Fair Ambition - R Morgan
    8.    Churchroyd Gwen 23 - s: Churchroyd Henry - IRG Collins

Senior Calf
    1.    Cotonhall Alfie Nellie - s: Cotonhall Alfie - R Kite
    2.    Amber Favourite Claire - s: Amber Sir Lancelot - J Hole
    3.    Churchroyd Lady Rose 27 - s: Treeton Pingerley - IRG Collins
    4.    Dee Wild Queen 25 - s: Churchroyd Henry - D & L Price Jones
    5.    Morwood Lady Barrington - s: Nejay Ernie - R Morgan
    6.    Drisgol Lady Laura lane - s: Drisgol Mortimer - R Crank
    7.    Drisgol Bella 109 - s: Drisgol Mortimer - R Crank
    8.    Broadlane Moss Rose 17 - s: Rodway Redman - B & E Whitaker
    9.    Broadlane Ruth 3 - s: Dunham Viscount - D Wainwright

In Calf Heifer
    1.    Churchroyd Amanda Red 13 - s: Nejay Prince 4 - IRG Collins
    2.    Morwood Franklin Lass - s: Lowlands Franklin - R Morgan
    3.    Avondale Butterbur 23 - s: Hooton Envoy - R Crank
    4.    Earlsgift Dewdrop 4 - s: Hooton Envoy - R Crank
    5.    Amber Princess Anne 104 - s: Lisnamulligan Fairway - J Hole

Cow In Calf
    1.    Churchroyd Heather 50 - s: Churchroyd Victor - IRG Collins
    2.    Rodway Lisbet 11 - s: Rodway Rueben - R Morgan

Heifer In Milk
    1.    Churchroyd Fay 11 s: Nejay Prince 4 - IRG Collins
    2.    Cotonhall Prophet Cherry - s: Llandovery Prides Prophet - R Kite
    3.    Cotonhall Stormbreaker Lady Barrington - s: Cotonhall Stormbreaker - R Kite
    4.    Dee Lady Hermione 9 - s: Strickley True Perfection - R Morgan
    5.    Earlsgift Lilian - s: Strickley True Perfection - R Crank
    6.    Churchroyd Bronte Wildeyes 46 - s: Churchroyd Goldwin - IRG Collins

Intermediate Cow In Milk
    1.    Churchroyd Peggy 19 - s: Nejay Prince 4 - IRG Collins
    2.    Cotonhall Duchess Anne 16 - s: Drisgol Watzon - R Kite
    3.    Churchroyd Lady Walton 15 - s: Churchroyd Duke - IRG Collins
    4.    Churchroyd Bronte Wildeyes 41 - s: Attwell Atom - IRG Collins
    5.    Dunham Daffodil 46 - s: Kayl Walkabout - J Lomax
    6.    Cotonhall George Lady Barrington - s: Cotonhall George - R Kite
    7.    Irthingvale Watzon Meg 2 - s: Drisgol Watzon - G & B Bell
    8.    Tabley Empire Lady - s: Llandovery Jinny's Empire - B & E Whittaker
    9.    Morwood Rueben Tiny - s: Rodway Rueben - R Morgan

Senior Cow In Milk
    1.    Churchroyd Fay 7 - s: Panorama Aramis - IRG Collins
    2.    Elkington Amber Princess 10 - s: Loughdale Rising Star Red - R Morgan
    3.    Irthingvale Gordon Starlet - s: Breckney Gordon - R Harper
    4.    Churchroyd Peggy 13 - s: Churchroyd Victor - IRG Collins

Production Inspection
    1.    Churchroyd Peggy 19 - s: Nejay Prince 4 - IRG Collins
    2.    Churchroyd Heather 50 - s: Churchroyd Victor - IRG Collins
    3.    Churchroyd Peggy 13 - s: Churchroyd Victor - IRG Collins
    4.    Churchroyd Lady Walton 15 - s: Churchroyd Duke - IRG Collins
    5.    Churchroyd Fay 7 - s: Panorama Aramis - IRG Collins

Progeny Pair
    1.    Hooton Envoy - R Crank
    2.    Drisgol Mortimer - R Crank
    3.    Nejay Prince - IRG Collins
    4.    Churchroyd Victor - IRG Collins
    5.    Rodway Rueben - R Morgan

Group Of Three
    1.    R Kite
    2.    R Crank
    3.    IRG Collins
    4.    IRG Collins
    5.    R Morgan

SUPREME CHAMPION:  Churchroyd Peggy 19 - IRG Collins
RESERVE CHAMPION:  Cotonhall Duchess Anne 16 - R Kite
HONOURABLE MENTION:  Churchroyd Fay 11 - IRG Collins
JUNIOR CHAMPION:  Churchroyd Fay 11 - IRG Collins
CALF CHAMPION:  Cotonhall Alfie Nellie - R Kite