27th-28th May 2015 | Judge: R Baynes

Kite Soars Sky High to Claim Double Success

The Shorthorns shone at this year’s Stafford County Show having the largest number of entries in the dairy section.  Under the careful eyes of judge Richard Baynes, Marleycote Northumberland, Rob Kite from Milwich Stafford clinched the Championship honors with Cotonhall Joy 3rd.

The Riverdane Adventure Red daughter is no stranger to such accolades having won the Interbreed heifer Championship here in 2012 and the Junior Championship at the National Show the same year.  The EX92 1* cow calved her fourth in March and is giving 32kgs daily with 4.5%F and 3.3%P

Judge Richard Baynes admired “the maturity of this cow, the style she oozed with superb bone quality and depth of rib.”

Reserve also went to R Kite with Cotonhall Duchess Ann 16th VG87 “a cow that had a spectacular bloom of udder today and is definitely a cow to watch in the future.”  In her second lactation, this Drisgol Watzon daughter calved in April is giving 32kgs daily and stood top on her first outing.

Further class results saw IRG Collins & Partners win the heifer in milk class with Churchroyd Bronte Wildeyes 41st.  An Atwell Atom daughter “with great style and a tremendous udder attachment”, she calved in January and is already back in calf to Lemon Grove Bellagio.  RST & SA Morgan won the in calf heifer class with Morwood Prince Claribel and the dry cow class with Rodway Lisbet 11th both cows displaying “great dairy strength and capacity”.

The maiden heifer class was split and saw R Kite take the top spot in the senior class with Cotonhall Lilly’s Joy a Syd Abru daughter that had “such ring presence and paraded on excellent legs and feet”.  Whilst the junior class saw Tom Morgan top with Morwood Franklin Foggathorpe Lass, a calf “that had exceptional length and openness of rib” in a strong class of nine calves.

Day two of Stafford boasts the interbreed classes which were judged by Owain Harries, Gelli Carmarthenshire.  Congratulations go to the group of four, the pair and the heifer in milk who snagged reserve in all their classes, the judge was looking for conformity, dairy strength and cows that would last, features that the breed exude.

Thank you to all the exhibitors who put in the effort and turned out a wonderful display of Dairy Shorthorn cattle.


Senior Heifer Born on or after 1st January 2014
1st        R Kite - Cotonhall Lilly’s Joy
2nd       R Madeley - Rodway Lady Laura 86
3rd        R Madeley - Rodway Red Rose 50
4th        R Kite - Cotonhall Landmine Raspberry
5th        R Madeley - Rodway Claribel 44

Junior Heifer Born on or after 1st January 2014
1st        RST & SA Morgan - Morwood Franklin Foggathorpe Lass
2nd       IRG Collins - Churchroyd Kirklevington 30
3rd        R Kite - Cotonhall Dan Dairymaid
4th        IRG Collins - Churchroyd Butterbur 19
5th        R Madeley - Ashgrove Rosebud 11

Heifer In Calf
1st        RST & SA Morgan - Morwood Prince Claribel
2nd       IRG Collins - Churchroyd Heather 71 (ET)
3rd        R Kite -  Cotonhall Eclipse Marilyn
4th        D Price-Jones - Dee Lady Barrington 2
5th        J Hole & Son - Amber Dainty Princess 121

Cow In Calf
1st        RST & SA Morgan - Rodway Lisbet 11

Heifer In Milk
1st        IRG Collins - Churchroyd Bronte Wildeyes 41
2nd       R Kite - Cotonhall Eclipse Dairymaid
3rd        RST & SA Morgan - Morwood Rueben Tiny

Junior Cow
1st       R Kite - Cotonhall Duchess Ann 16
2nd       IRG Collins - Churchroyd Pamela 15
3rd        RST & SA Morgan - Rodway Una 4

Senior Cow
1st        R Kite - Cotonhall Joy 3
2nd       RST & SA Morgan - Elkington Amber Princess 10
3rd        IRG Collins - Churchroyd Heather 49

Group of Three
1st        R Kite
2nd       IRG Collins
3rd        RST & SA Morgan

Pair of Females

1st       R Kite
2nd      RST & SA Morgan
3rd       IRG Collins
4th       IRG Collins

Champion: R Kite - Cotonhall Joy 3

Reserve Champion: R Kite - Cotonhall Duchess Ann 16