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The Royal Ulster Winter Fair 2016

Champion: Beechview Empire Tiny from G & J Booth

8th December 2016 | Judge: Paul Trapp, Taylor, Wisconsin, USA

Reserve Champion: Kilsally Jill 17 from N & R Booth

Maiden Heifer
1st    Kilsally Cherry Blossom 9 - Sire: Llandovery Prides Prophet - N & R Booth
2nd    Kilsally Duchess 17 - Sire: Stardale Judge Red - N & R Booth

Exhibitor Bred: Kilsally Cherry Blossom 9

Heifer, in milk, must have calved by 3 years of age.
1st    Beechview Empire Tiny - Sire: Llandovery Jinnys Empire - G & J Booth
2nd    Denamona Victor Rose - Sire: Churchroyd Victor - A Irwin

Exhibitor Bred: Beechview Empire Tiny
Best Udder in class: Beechview Empire Tiny

Junior cow, in milk, in second lactation.
1st    Kilsally Jill 17 - Sire Kilsally Jill 7 - N & R Booth
2nd    Kilsally Duchess 10 - Sire Glenbrook Tornado - N & R Booth

Exhibitior Bred: Kilsally Jill 17

Best Udder in class: Kilsally Jill 17

Senior cow, in milk, in 3rd or later lactation
1st    Kilsally Claire 5 Sire Stardale Judge Red N & R Booth
2nd   Denamona Knowe Mist Sire Knowe Brown Patrick A Irwin
3rd    Kilsally Jill 14 Sire Poos Stadel Classic N & R Booth

Exhibitor Bred: Kilsally Claire 5
Best Udder on class: Kilsally Claire 5

Champion: Beechview Empire Tiny

Reserve Champion: Kilsally Jill 17

Best Exhibitor Bred Dairy Shorthorn: Beechview Empire Tiny
Heifer Champion: Beechview Empire Tiny
Heifer Reserve: Denamona Victor Rose
Junior Champion: Kilsally Cherry Blossom 9
Reserve Junior Champion: Kilsally Duchess 17