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    ABAB Calf Show 2018

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Supreme Interbreed Group

Supreme Interbreed Group

31st May / 1st June 2017 | Judge: Marshall Crank

Cotonhall Consecutive Championship at Stafford

Staffordshire County Show is certainly becoming a shining light for the Dairy Shorthorn breed and this year was no exception. Boasting the largest number of entries in the Dairy section with nine exhibitors putting on a fantastic display.

Champion Reserve Interbreed: Cotonhall Prophet Cherry

Champion Reserve Interbreed Cotonhall Prophet Cherry

The Llandovery Prides Prophet daughter won the junior class having just calved her second, a heifer calf in the middle of March.  The judge commented that “she exuded style on parade and had beautiful bone quality.”  She achieved 6859kgs with 4.22%F and 3.19%P as a heifer “a milking machine that has tremendous height and width to her udder” she caught the judges eye as soon as she entered the ring.  This cow is certainly no stranger to the show ring having won the Interbreed Heifer title here last year and she has numerous other major accolades from being an integral member of the Kite show team in 2016.

Reserve went to R Morgan with Elkington Amber Princess 10th EX94 who won the Senior cow class.  She calved her seventh a heifer calf by Llandovery Prides Prophet back in February. “This cow exhibits great strength, phenomenal depth of rib and is a great advert for the breed on longevity.”  The Morgan family feel she is a great asset to their herd being such an easy maintenance cow that will continue to breed well.  She currently has three heifers in the Morwood herd and they have a bright and exciting future ahead.

In the heifer in milk class David and Liz Price Jones won with Dee Wild Queen 26.  The Dee Vinnie's Lad daughter calved her first heifer by Churchroyd Percy in March.  This is the first major win for the heifer that paraded on a “great set of legs and feet.  She was the sweetest heifer in the class showing lovely udder confirmation”.   This is definitely a heifer to keep an eye on in the future as “she has heaps of potential and is only going to improve with age.”

Further class results saw R Kite win the dry cow class with Cotonhall Joy 7th who is currently carrying her fourth.  She is in calf to VR Donato a Danish Red Bull with the hopes that she will have a bull.  This cow is proving to be a great bull mother in the Cotonhall herd as she is from a great family with “tremendous capacity and lovely blend of fore udder into the body”.   The in calf heifer class was won by Princess Alida 35 by Amber Red Kestrel from the Hole family.  This “heifer tracked extremely well and was sweeter underneath” than a very similar animal in second.  The Red Kestrel daughters have been very successful for the Amber herd and this heifer promises great things in the future. 

The maiden heifer classes where yet again split into two because of the number of calves entered.  R Kite won both sections.  First the younger spilt with Cotonhall Attitude Pearl.  This is the first outing for the calf and the first win of perhaps many as she has “great balance and oozes ring presence”.  The older maiden heifer class was awarded to Cotonhall Empire Cherry a calf that “is well grown with great depth of rib and style.”  She is a half sister to the Champion cow, in fact the Kite family had three daughters at the show out of Cotonhall Cherry 4th EX90 and all won their classes.

Day two boasts the interbreed classes which were judged by Ben Yates, Shropshire. The Dairy Shorthorns won the Interbreed group as judge Ben Yates was looking for dairyness, conformity and balance across the four animals and he found that in the Shorthorn breed.

Yet again the breeders have done an exceptional job at putting the Dairy Shorthorns in the limelight.  The breed has truly remarkable members new and old that continue to support such shows.  Congratulations to all involved.


Maiden Heifer Class 1st January 2015 – June 31st 2015

  1. Cotonhall Attitude Pearl - s. D Attitude - R Kite
  2. Nejay Pamela Mary 15 - s. Llandovery Prides Prophet - N Madeley
  3. Morwood Claribel 3 - s. Lemon Grove Belagio - R Morgan
  4. Morwood Amber Princess 3 - s. Llandovery Prides Prophet - R Morgan
  5. Cotonhall Landmine Cherry - s. Panorama Landmine - R Kite
  6. Fold Pride Rose - s. Hooton Fair Resolve - M Tidmarsh
  7. Greatwood Ada - s. Wreay Roseman - J French


Maiden Heifer Class 1st July 2015 - 31st January 2016

  1. Cotonhall Empire Cherry - s. Llandovery Jinny's Empire - R Kite
  2. Amber Princess Anne 112 - s. Amber Tornado - J Hole
  3. Amber Veracity 27 - s. Amber Red Kestrel - J Hole
  4. Morwood Miss Mere 2 - s. Treeton Pimp - R Morgan
  5. Morwood Angela - s. Morwood Blitz - R Morgan
  6. Dee Autumn 11 - s. Dee Vinnie's Lad - D Price Jones 
  7. Whitmore Prophet Nancy - s. Llandovery Prides Prophet - J Lomax


Heifer In Calf

  1. Amber Princess Alida 35 - s. Amber Red Kestrel - J Hole
  2. Cotonhall Duke Ebony - s. Cotonhall Duke - R Kite


Cow In Calf

  1. Cotonhall Joy 7 - s. Rustler Red - R Kite
  2. Nejay Pamela Mary13 - s. Nejay Ernie - R Morgan


Heifer In Milk

  1. Dee Wild Queen 26 - s. Dee Vinnie's Lad - D & L Price Jones
  2. Cotonhall Alfie Nellie - s. Cotonhall Alfie - R Kite
  3. Daimat Safie - s. Panorama Landmine - D Madeley
  4. Irthingvale LJE Fairy - s. Llandovery Jinny's Empire - M Tidmarsh
  5. Morwood Foggathorpe Lass - s. Lowlands Franklin - R Morgan
  6. Dee Wild Queen 25 - s. Churchroyd Henry - D & L Price Jones

Intermediate Cow In Milk

  1. Cotonhall Prophet Cherry - s. Llandovery Prides Prophet - R Kite
  2. Cotonhall Lennox Moonlight - s. Cotonhall Lennox - R Kite
  3. Morwood Rueben Tiny - s. Rodway Rueben - R Morgan
  4. Morwood Pimp Foggathorpe s. Treeton Pimp - R Morgan

Senior Cow In Milk

  1. Elkington Amber Princess 10 - s. Loughdale Rising Star - R Morgan
  2. Dunham Daffodil 46 - s. Kayl Walkabout - J Lomax

Group of Three

  1. R Kite
  2. R Morgan
  3. R Morgan


  1. R Morgan
  2. R Kite
  3. J Hole
  4. R Morgan


CHAMPION: Cotonhall Prophet Cherry - R Kite

RESERVE:  Elkington Amber Princess 10 - R Morgan

JUNIOR CHAMPION:  Dee Wild Queen 26 - D & L Price Jones

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