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All Breeds All Britain Calf Show 2016

Championship Trio

October 15th-16th, 2016  | Judge:  James Robinson

Champion: Bushmills Prophet Petal from J McLean

Champion: Bushmills Prophet Petal from J McLean

Judges Report:

When I set out to judge the calf show I was determined to enjoy myself and I was not to be disappointed. I came into the ring with no prior knowledge of the calves in front of me, so I was able to judge without any preconceptions which meant I had a freedom to judge as I liked! The first class of the day had a very strong entry with nine calves forward. The winner struck me as soon as she entered the ring, she had endless amounts of rib and balance with lovely clean bone, a solid topline and was stylish on parade. Her overall spring of rib is what placed first over the very long stylish heifer in second. Second had a lovely topline and incredible length of body which gave her the advantage over the sweet young calf in third. In the next class the top four were really outstanding but first was an easy winner for me. She paraded with style and was the longest calf in the class with a fantastic rump structure. Her overall balance is what gave her the nod over a heifer with super strength in the chest and again, a lovely rump structure. This correctness in the rump edged second over third, a calf that had great depth of rib and stature which gave her the advantage over a very balanced young calf in fourth.

Wow! As soon as the next class entered the ring this tall, elegant, stylish heifer instantly caught my eye. She paraded with such gracefulness for her age and was an absolute pleasure to watch. Her bone quality and locomotion was superb as was the way she was turned out. An easy first place. Second place was a deep ribbed red heifer that looked very promising underneath, she edged above a smart roan heifer in third for the quality in the bone. Third over a very flashy calf fourth for the stature and strength through the front end.

Balanced is the best way to describe the obvious winner of the next class. She was extremely well grown for her age with a phenomenal frame, heaps of rib, a lovely rump structure and superb legs and feet. She too was a pleasure to watch on parade. Second place was a lovely well grown heifer with fine bone quality and width through the chest, her stature is what placed her above a very correct calf in third.

In the final calf class of the day I headed the line up with a lovely boned calf that had a fantastic top line and oozed style. Her depth of fore rib and her overall frame gave her the advantage over the long heifer in second. Second over third for the strength in the loin whilst third paraded better that well grown heifer in fourth.

I was really pleased with my Championship line up, ten outstanding calves of superb quality. They were a testament to the hours and hours of hard work that go into preparing for the show and the skilful breeding that often goes unseen. After a short deliberation I went with the winner from the Senior calf class for my Champion. She has oodles of style and balance that she just stood out from the rest. Reserve went to the winner from the Mature class her bone quality and depth of rib with a super top line really did look awesome on the day. I also gave an honourable mention to the winner from the Intermediate class as she certainly has an exceptionally bright future.

Overall I had a cracking day, all the calves are assured a great future and the breed can only benefit from the enthusiasm of all the exhibitors.

Well Done and Thank You.

James Robinson


Born on or after 1st March 2015
1st   Drisgol Tulip 95 - s. Drisgol Madonna’s Prince - SVB Thomas
2nd   Kidstones Yana 13 - s. Chrurchroyd General Jack - A Wilkes
3rd   Earlsgift Tiny 31 - s. Broadlane King Louis - E Crank
4th   Kidstones Lady Laura 18 - s. Hooton Fair Reflection - A Wilkes
5th   Churchroyd Heather 100 - s. Churchroyd Chief - IRG Collins & Partners
6th   Drisgol Daisy 167 s. Castledale Snowman - SVB Thomas
7th   Morwood Miss Mere 2 - s. Treeton Pimp - R Morgan
8th   Churchroyd Fay 14 - s. Churchroyd Wildcard - IRG Collins & Partners
9th   Morwood Gay Lass 5 - s. Treeton Pimp - R Morgan

Born between 1st December 2014 and 28th February 2015
1st    Churchroyd Bronte Wildeyes 51 - s. Treeton Pingerley - IRG Collins & Partners
2nd    Hale Violet 57 - s. Hook William - NR Osbourne
3rd    Dee Autumn 11 - s. Dee Vinnie’s Lad - D & L Price Jones
4th    Earlsgift Daisy 11 - s. Broadlane King Louis - E Crank
5th    Drisgol Dinnie 46 - s. Drouner Ajdh Kana Red - SVB Thomas
6th    Kidstones Gentle 4 - s. Churchroyd Henry - A Wilkes
7th   Morwood Angela - s. Morwood Blitz - R Morgan
8th    Morwood Ellen 4 - s. Hooton Fair Ambition - R Morgan
9th    Churchroyd Lady Rose 30 - s. Churchroyd Henry - IRG Collins & Partners

Born between 1st September 2014 and 30th November 2014
1st    Tobarn Destry Samanta - s. Scientific Destry - NR Osbourne
2nd    Churchroyd Gentle 110 - s. Nejay Ernie - IRG Collins & Partners
3rd    Brinsbury Flora Foggathorpe 3 - s. Nejay Ernie - Chichester College
4th    Brinsbury Blush Rose 6 - s. Rodway Prince - Chichester College
5th    Churchroyd Bronte Wildeyes - s. Churchroyd Henry - IRG Collins & Partners
6th    Drisgol Darlington Cran 80 - s. Nejay Ernie - SVB Thomas
7th    Brinsbury Blush Rose 5 - s. R Harvard - Chichester College
8th    Dee Lady Barrington 3 - s. Cogent Retinue Red - D & L Price Jones
9th    Earlsgift Lady Barrington - s. Broadlane King Louis - E Crank
10th    Crugside Thunder Digitalis 2 - s. Marleycote Thunder - H Rees

Born between 1st May and 31st August 2014
1st    Bushmills Prophet Petal - s. Llandovery Prides Prophet - J McLean
2nd    Brinsbury Dairymaid 18 - s. Nejay Ernie - Chichester College
3rd    Churchroyd Heather 94 - s. Churchroyd Foggathorpe V - IRG Collins & Partners
4th    Churchroyd Nicola 18 - s. Churchroyd Henry - IRG Collins & Partners
5th    Avondale Nellie 9 - s. Broadlane King Louis - E Crank
6th    Kidstones Heather 7 - s. Hooton Envoy - A Wilkes
7th    Earlsgift Princess 2 - s. Broadlane King Louis - E Crank

Born between 1st January and 30th April 2014
1st    Sunrise Wiggo Marcia - s. Strickley Wiggo - Sunrise Shorthorns
2nd    Dee Wild Queen 25 - s. Churchroyd Henry - D & L Price Jones
3rd    Churchroyd Lady Rose 27 - s. Treeton Pingerley - IRG Collins & Partners
4th    Drisgol Belladonna 298 - s. Drisgol Mortimor - SVB Thomas
5th    Churchroyd Heather 93 - s. Nejay Prince 4 - IRG Collins & Partners
6th    Drisgol Bella 109 - s. Drisgol Mortimor - E Crank

Champion:   Bushmills Prophet Petal - J McLean
Reserve:   Sunrise Wiggo Marcia - Sunrise Shorthorns
Honourable:   Tobarn Destry Samanta - NR Osbourne

Champion Handler: Harry Davis
Reserve Handler: David Madeley
Honourable Mention Handler: Becky Crank