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UK DAIRY EXPO 2017 - Carlisle

Champion: Churchroyd Bronte Wildeyes 39

Champion: Churchroyd Bronte Wildeyes 39

Judge Roger Turner, Wisconsin, America had no hesitation in tapping out Churchroyd Bronte Wildeyes 39as his Supreme Dairy Shorthorn Champion.  “She was an easy winner today with a beautiful mammary system.”


Judge: Roger Turner, Wisconsin, America

Churchroyd Bronte Wildeyes 39th Doubles Up at Borderway UK Dairy Expo 2017 – Carlisle

Reserve Champion Shaunlea Geri 6

Reserve Champion Shaunlea Geri 6

Churchroyd Bronte Wildeyes 39VG87 stood first in the senior class having recently calved her third heifer calf by Ladino Park Talent in February.  She is currently peaking at 40kgs daily and gave 7,525kgs at 4.01%F and 3.47%P in her second lactation.   This is the second outing for the Churchroyd Pluto EX91 daughter who won the Championship here last year.  Judge Roger Turner felt she had a “tremendous bloom of udder with great height, width and blend of fore udder into the body cavity”.  She had fantastic ring presence parading on an excellent set of legs and feet with “great width through the rump and a great slope from hook to pin.  This is an exemplary modern day Dairy Shorthorn that combines strength and dairyness effortlessly”.

Shaun Dixon continued his success with the Geri family as he secured the Reserve Championship with Shaunlea Geri 6 ET VG87.  This Hylite Barbwire Red heifer in milk calved a heifer calf by Marleycote Dilemma last July under two years old.  She perfectly matched the Champion with “a beautiful udder, the quality in the mammary system made her a handy class winner with great venation and width to complement her powerful dairy frame.”  Currently she is undefeated in breed classes having won the Junior Championship here in 2015 and winning Dairy Day heifer Champion and Reserve Overall in 2016.  Projected to do 8,900kgs at 4.1%F and 3.3%P this heifer is one unstoppable force to be reckoned with.

Honourable Mention went to Marleycote Chatter 20 GP84 from GG Baynes and sons.  The second placed heifer in milk by Llandovery Jinny's Empire is yet another promising heifer to watch out for in the future “showing great balance.”  This is not the first outing for the “clean boned milk heifer” having stood second here and at the Great Yorkshire show as an in calf heifer in 2016.  Projected to give 9,525kgs this september calved heifer is still giving 29kgs daily.  Her dam Marleycote Chatter 16 EX90 is still milking in her fifth lactation and is expected to reach 11,370kgs.  All signs point to this youthful heifer improving with age.

Other class winners saw Richard Baynes win the three year old cow class with Marleycote Princess Jill 38 by Kayl Outback EX93.  This VG86 second calver improves with age as she stood second in the heifer milk class last year and took home the Honourable Mention rosette. She gave 7,176kgs in her first lactation with an impressive 4.39%F and 3.47%P.  Tracing back to the infamous Marleycote Princess Jill 31 EX95 this “flat boned animal with phenomenal stretch and cleanliness throughout” looks set to continue making her own mark.

Junior Champion Shaunlea Geri 10

Junior Champion Shaunlea Geri 10

The Junior Championship was won by Shaunlea Geri 10 ET an August born calf that comes from the prolific show family which stems from Strickley Geri 15th EX93 .  This is the first outing for this young heifer and Judge Roger Turner was instantly drawn to the “femininity of this sweet young calf” in a strong class of twelve.  “She paraded well with exceptional depth of rib and cleanliness through the head, neck and shoulders, an outstanding winner.”  As a full sister to Shaunlea Geri 6 this calf has the potential to go on with equal success.

Reserve Junior went to GG Baynes and Sons with Marleycote Julia 6 this second placed maiden heifer is by Marleycote Cosmonaut.  The March 2016 born calf was the oldest in the class and had “great balance and openness of rib”.  Her pedigree has numerous excellent classified cows behind her that have yielded over 10,000 plus in a lactation so the future looks bright for this youngster.   Martin Jackson took home the Honourable Mention in the junior section with the first placed in calf heifer Bilbro Heather 2 by Bilbro Barney.  Due to calve in May this heifer has promising future.


Maiden Heifer

  1. Shaunlea Geri 10 - s. Hylite Barbwire Red - Shaun Dixon
  2. Marleycote Julia 6 - s. Marleycote Cosmonaut -  GG Baynes
  3. Irthingelt Vi 5 - s. Blissful Teds Spurgeon - T Moscrop
  4. Shaunlea Geri 12- s. Hylite Barbwire Red - Shaun Dixon
  5. Winbrook Vi 168 - s. Winbrook Pedro - D Dent
  6. Churchroyd Fay 14 - s. Churchroyd Wild Card - IRG Collins & Partners
  7. Winbrook Vi 169 - s. Winbrook Brutus - D Dent
  8. Irthingelt Princess Anne s. Strickley Maximus - T Moscrop
  9. Kidstones Yana 13 - s. Churchroyd General Jack - A Wilkes
  10. Winchester Dougall Niagara 2 - s. Winbrook Dougall - M Jackson
  11.  Irthingelt Talula 7 - s. Irthingelt Alex - T Moscrop
  12. Bilbro Butterbur 4 - s. Churchroyd King Willie - M Jackson

In Calf Heifer

  1. Bilbro Heather 2 - s. Bilbro Barney - M Jackson
  2. Churchroyd Dorothy 6 - s. Churchroyd Foggathorpe V - IRG Collins

Junior Champion: Shaunlea Geri 10 -  Shaun Dixon

Reserve Junior: Marleycote Julia 6 - GG Baynes

Honourable Junior: Bilbro Heather 2 - M Jackson

2 Year Old

  1. Shaunlea Geri 6 - s. Hylite Barbwire Red - Shaun Dixon
  2. Marleycote Chatter 20  - s. Llandovery Jinny's Empire - GG Baynes
  3. Churchroyd Kirklevington 30 - s. Lemongrove Belagio - IRG Collins
  4. Winbrook Fairy Princess 6 - s. Winbrook Pedro - D Dent

3 Year Old

  1. Marleycote Princess Jill 38 - s. Kayl Outback - GG Baynes
  2. Kidstones Lady Laura 16 - s. Churchroyd Harry - A Wilkes & IRG Collins
  3. Winbrook Cactus 26 - s. Middlebankend Digger - D Dent

Senior Cow

  1. Churchroyd Bronte Wildeyes 39  - s. Churchroyd Pluto - IRG Collins
  2. Marleycote Patricia 10 - s. Marleycote Blizzard - GG Baynes
  3. Winbrook Amy 8 - s. Winbrook Marmaduke - D Dent

Champion: Churchroyd Bronte Wildeyes 39 - IRG Collins

Reserve: Shaunlea Geri 6 - Shaun Dixon

Honourable: Marleycote Chatter 20 - GG Baynes

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