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Handlers LtoR Judge Rebecca Jarvis, Champion Kayleigh Coole, Reserve, Becky Crank, Honourable Mention Amy Aylwin Cogent Representative Nicky Hudson

October 17th-18th, 2015, Three Counties Showground  | Judge:  David Slade

Kite Glides Gracefully to Glean Championship Honours

There was definitely quality in number at this years All Breeds All Britain calf show at the Three Counties Show ground.  Judge David Slade had his work cut out for him with strong classes but emerging as his overall Champion was Cotonhall Pingerley Clarissa shown by Sammie Wilson, from Rob and Kate Kite.  

The October 2014 born Treeton Pingerley daughter is out of Cotonhall Clarissa EX91 3E who is now fresh in her sixth lactation and is one of the founding Shorthorn families for the Kite family.   Originally from Dunham Clarissa 48th VG87 which was brought from the Chelford Society Sale in 2006.  When commenting on his Champion David said “this heifer has tremendous potential, a powerful dairy character and tracks exceptionally well on beautiful legs and feet.  She stood out”

Reserve went to IRG Collins & Partners Churchroyd Fay 11th shown by Kayleigh Coole.  This January born calf is sired by Nejay Prince 4th out of Churchroyd Fay 7th EX91.  A calf that “has great depth and capacity, she was an easy mature class winner”.  This is not the first outing for this promising young heifer who was Reserve Junior Champion at UK Dairy Expo 2015 and stood 3rd here last year.

Honourable Mention also went to Rob Kite with Cotonhall Titan Judy.  This is the first major outing for the “super stylish” March born calf out of Cotonhall Judy 2nd VG86 by Cotonhall Titan.

Other class winners included RST & SA Morgan with Morwood Margot 2nd by Hooton Fair Ambition.  This is the first show for this calf “that paraded with such grace and was lovely underneath”.  The Senior class was won by Cotonhall Landmine Raspberry by Panorama Landmine out of Cotonhall Roxy 7th VG85 “she is a deep bodied calf that will walk forever.”  This rounds out a fantastic year for this calf from Rob Kite having won the Championship at the North Midlands calf show and claiming Reserve Champion at the National Shorthorn show.

Kayleigh Coole also enjoyed a well deserved success in the Showmanship, having stood Reserve in 2014 she finally claimed the Championship honours.  Standing Reserve was Becky Crank while Amy Aylwin came through from the senior class to stand Honourable Mention.  Congratulations to all the young handlers who battled it out in classes of tough competition.


Born on or after 1st March 2015
1st    Cotonahll Titan Judy s. Cotonhall Titan - R Kite
2nd    Morwood Lady Barrington s. Nejay Ernie - RST & SA Morgan
3rd    Dee Wild Queen 26 s. Dee Vinnie's Lad - D & E Price Jones
4th   Rodway Red Rose 51 ET s. Nejay Ernie - R Madeley
5th    Churchroyd Dorothy 6 s. Churchroyd Foggathorpes V - JA & WA Young
6th    Churchroyd Lady Rose 27 s. Treeton Pingerley - IRG Collins & Partners
7th    Rodway Marie 84 ET s. Treeton Pimp - G A Madeley
8th    Kidstones Lady Laura 17 s. Drisgol Madonna's Prince - AE Wilkes
9th    Churchroyd Pamela 20 s. Churchroyd King Willie - IRG Collins & Partners
10th   Drisgol Bella 109 s. Drisgol Mortimore - R Crank

Born between 1st December 2014 and 28th February 2015
1st    Morwood Margot 2 s. Hooton Fair Ambition - RST & SA Morgan
2nd    Cotonhall Alfie Nellie s. Cotonhall Alfie - R Kite
3rd    Churchroyd Bronte Wildeyes 49 s. Churchroyd Henry - IRG Collins & Partners
4th    Earlsgift Foggy s. Nejay Earl - R Crank
5th    Dee Wild Queen 25 s. Churchroyd Henry - D & E Price Jones
6th    Churchroyd Heather 90 s. Dunham Viscount - IRG Collins & Partners
7th    Churchroyd Butterbur 19 s. Nejay Prince 4 - IRG Collins & Partners

Born between 1st September 2014 and 30th November 2014
1st    Cotonhall Pingerley Clarissa s. Treeton Pingerley - R Kite
2nd    Morwood F Foggathorpe Lass s. Lowlands Franklin - RST & SA Morgan
3rd    Earlsgift Dewdrop s. Hooton Envoy - R Crank
4th    Nejay Marcia 30 s. Nejay Earl - N Madeley
5th    Brinsbury Millicent 19 s. Drisgol Madonna's Prince - Chichester College
6th    Brinsbury Wisconsin Red s. Drisgol Madonna's Prince - Chichester College
7th    Churchroyd Heather 84 s. Lemone Grove Bellagio - IRG Collins& Partners
8th    Ashgrove Butterbur 11 s. Marleycote Gold Dragon - G A Madeley
9th    Churchroyd Butterbur 17 s. Nejay Prince 4 - IRG Collins& Partners
10th    Tobarn David Matilda s. Lifton David - NR Osborne

Born between 1st May and 31st August 2014
1st    Cotonhall Landmine Raspberry s. Panorama Landmine - R Kite
2nd    Rodway Lady Laura 86 s. Strickley True Perfection - R Madeley
3rd    Avondale Butterbur 23 s. Hooton Envoy - R Crank
4th    Churchroyd Gwen 19 s. Nejay Prince 4 - IRG Collins & Partners
5th    Diamat Safie s. Panorama Landmine - D Madeley
6th    Brinsbury Marhot 14 s. Drisgol Watzon - Chichester College
7th    Nejay Melody s. Nejay Earl - N Madeley
8th    Brinsbury Gwynne 11 s. Strickley Maximus - Chichester College
9th    Brinsbury Ada 7 s. Strickley Maximus - Chichester College
10th    Churchroyd Butterbur 23 s. Nejay Prince 4 - IRG Collins & Partners
11th     Brinsbury Symphony 8 s. Strickley Maximus - Chichester College

Born between 1st January and 30th April 2014
1st    Churchroyd Fay 11 s. Nejay Prince 4 - IRG Collins
2nd    Rodway Claribel 44 s. Churchroyd Pluto - R Madeley
3rd    Earlsgift Lillian s. Strickley True Perfection - R Crank
4th    Churchroyd Amanda Red s. Nejay Prince 4 - IRG Collins& Partners
5th    Cotonhall Prophet Cherry s. Llandovery Prides Prophet - R Kite
6th    Avondale Ada 9 s. Hooton Envoy - R Crank

CHAMPION:  Cotonhall Pingerley Clarissa - R Kite
RESERVE:  Churchroyd Fay 11 - IRG Collins & Partners
HONOURABLE:  Cotonahll Titan Judy - R Kite


Champion Calf. RtoL Cogent Sponsor Nicky Hudson, Champion Calf Cotonhall Pingerley Clarissa led by Sammie Wilson, Judge David Slade, President Neil Madeley, Reserve Calf Churchroyd Fay 11 led by Kayliegh Coole and Honourable Mention Calf Cotonhall Titan Judy led by Harry Collins