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Champion: Irthingelt Talula 2

Hallelujah with Irthingelt Talula 2 at The Highland

With the highest entries of dairy cattle forward at this show years Royal Highland Show Thomas Moscrop, Irthington, Cumbria was astounded to emerge victorious with Irthingelt Talula 2nd.  But for the Judge Graham Bell, Irthingvale herd Cheshire, she was “a worthy Champion”.

R-L: Judge Graham Bell, Thomas Moscrop & Champion Irthingelt Talula 2nd Sponsor from Royal Bank of Scotland Martin Jackson with Reserve Bilbro Heather 2nd Adam Lawson with Honourable Mention & Heifer Champion Lisnamulligan Lady Rosemary 2nd

This is only the second time the Moscrop family have shown at the Royal Highland Show and what a return appearance.  Irthingelt Talula 2 has clinched her first major Championship honours. Commenting on his winner Graham states “the Champion displays what this breed optimizes, she is a true working cow that oozes milk with superb strength and capacity.”  This is the first major win for the cow having only been out once before.

Irthingelt Talula 2 VG88 is currently giving 35kgs daily.  Milking in her fourth lactation she calved a heifer calf by Cotonhall Onyx back in January.  Graham states that she was placed top of the senior cow in milk class because he “really could not get past the tremendous power house that this cow was, such strength throughout, width through the chest and an udder full of milk which placed her above an extremely well put together cow in second.”

Reserve: Bilbro Heather 2

The Reserve Championship went to Martin Jackson with Bilbro Heather 2 who placed first in the Junior cow in milk class.  Graham Bell says “there was little to separate Champion and Reserve, both are excellent examples of the breed”.  This is only the second time for Martin Jackson at the Royal Highland show and this cow has certainly been climbing the rankings with each outing.  In what Graham described as a “close placed junior cow in milk class, she just edged to the top spot for her style on parade and cleanliness through the rump.”  Bilbro Heather 2 VG88 is sired by Bilbro Barney, a Drisgol Madonna's Prince son.  She calved her second back in April and is back in calf to Llandovery Vipor.   “Displaying great bloom of udder and a superior udder attachment meant that this cow had to be my Reserve Champion today”.

The Lawson family secured the Junior Championship with Lisnamulligan Lady Rosemary 2 by Hooton Envoy.   “She has tremendous stretch, style on parade and had great udder quality both in the teats and udder attachment.”  This heifer certainly keeps on improving with age whilst maintaining her show success as she took home the Reserve Junior Championship title in 2016 as a maiden heifer.  She “paraded with such style on a great set of legs and feet, there was no contest that she had to be top today.”  This heifer in milk has been served to Oxton Winfall having calved a heifer back in April, she is currently giving 27 litres daily.

Thomas Moscrop found his Irthingelt Vi 5 by Blissful Ted's Spurgeon top of the in calf heifer class.   Led by Thomas' son Stephen “this in calf heifer was an easy winner for me, displaying great depth of rib and balance she paraded with such style and caught my eye as soon as she entered the ring.”   The April born calf then went on to secure the Reserve Junior Championship title.

Further class results proved fruitful for Thomas Moscrop as he won the first class of the day with his maiden heifer Irthingelt Princess Anne 2 by Irthingelt Alex.  “This calf has a promising future being so well balanced with lovely strength especially through the top line and that extra bit of length through the body which gave her the advantage over an extremely closely placed younger calf in second”.  The incalf cow class was won by Martin Jackson with Bilbro Butterbur, sired by Bilbro Barney this cow is due to calve her fourth to sexed Churchroyd Wild Card.  Butterbur is no stranger to the Royal Highland show as she claimed the junior championship back in 2016 as a heifer in milk.  “This cow was an easy winner today for me, her extra maturity took her to the top not to mention the sheer capacity and superior fore udder attachment”.  Adam Lawson then went on to win the best pair of Dairy Shorthorns with his second placed junior cow Winbrook Cactus 30 by Winbrook Pedro and his second placed senior cow Winbrook Vi 143 by Marleycote Thunder “this pair just matched, they balanced well, had fantastic bone quality and paraded with such style.”

Well done to all the Exhibitors for turning out another great display of Dairy Shorthorns especially making the breed the highest numbers forward in the dairy section.  The team work at this show amongst the exhibitors is truly second to none, well done on another fantastic show.  To end, a note from Thomas Moscrop who states that “without a doubt I would have not have had the opportunity to lift the Champion trophy today without the other exhibitors help.  Alongside all their invaluable helpers they have worked tirelessly with such a sense togetherness and camaraderie that has made my trip to show possible. So thank you”.



Maiden Heifer

  1. Irthingelt Princess Anne 2 - s. Irthingelt Alex - T Moscrop
  2. Lisnamulligan Lady Barrington 7 - s. Winhall William - A Lawson
  3. Bilbro Dewdrop Rose 106 ET - s: Churchroyd Wild Card - M Jackson
  4. Newpark Dairymaid 89 - s. Oxton Clarity - D Craig
  5. Newpark Tulluria 9 - s. Newpark Jean's Enterprise - D Craig
  6. Lisnamulligan Tulipa 6 - s. Winhall William - A Lawson
  7. Newpark Dairymaid 87 - s. Newpark Snowman - D Craig
  8. Newpark Rosie 41 - s. Newpark Jean's Enterprise - D Craig

Heifer In Calf

  1. Irthingelt Vi 5 - s. Blissful Ted's Spurgeon - T Moscrop
  2. Bilbro Rosie 4 - s: Churchroyd King Willie - M Jackson
  3. Hauxwell Wildeyes 23 - s. Hauxwell Ferryman - L Craig
  4. Newpark Dairymaid 83 - s. Newpark Jean's Enterprise - V Bowman
  5. Parkhouse Pansy 6 - s. Newpark Jean's Enterprise - V Bowman

Cow In Calf

  1. Bilbro Butterbur - s: Bilbro Barney - M Jackson
  2. Lisnamulligan Lady Barrington 4 - s: Dunham Aristocrat - A Lawson
  3. Newpark Lilywhite 46 - s Lisnamulligan Starr - D Craig

Heifer In Milk

  1. Lisnamulligan Lady Rosemary - 2 s. Hooton Envoy - A Lawson
  2. Oxton BL Wildeyes 864 - s. Oxton Boundless - A Lawson

Junior Cow In Milk

  1. Bilbro Heather 2 - s: Bilbro Barney - M Jackson
  2. Winbrook Cactus 30 - s. Winbrook Pedro - A Lawson
  3. Brafell Clara United 8 - s. Ireby Panama - A Lawson
  4. Bilbro Tulip - s. Blackwood Park Dan - M Jackson

Senior Cow In Milk

  1. Irthingelt Talula 2 - s. Skyhigh Hartland - T Moscrop
  2. Winbrook Vi 143 - s. Marleycote Thunder - A Lawson
  3. Lisnamulligan Lady Barrington 3 - s: Hooton Fair Reflection - A Lawson


  1. A Lawson
  2. A Lawson
  3. Martin Jackson
  4. T Moscrop
  5. D Craig
  6. M & V Bowman


CHAMPION: Irthingelt Talula 2 - T Moscrop

RESERVE CHAMPION: Bilbro Heather 2 - M Jackson

HONOURABLE MENTION: Lisnamulligan Lady Rosemary 2 - A Lawson


JUNIOR CHAMPION: Lisnamulligan Lady Rosemary 2 - A Lawson

RESERVE JUNIOR: Irthingelt Vi 5 - T Moscrop

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