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Latest Show Results

Kites Fly the Shorthorn Banner at Stafford

Staffordshire County Show certainly took a hit in numbers this year due to the increasing TB cases across the area. But Judge John Lomax, Whitmore Herd, Staffordshire was clearly impressed with the quality that paraded before him. He had no hesitation as he tapped out his Champion Cotonhall Alfie Nellie from Rob and Kate Kite “the cow was an effortless winner today with fantastic scope, power, and quality of udder.” 

Cotonhall Alfie Nellie VG86 as a two year old, is owned in partnership with J & B Evans in Australia.  “This junior cow is a power house, with lovely bloom in the udder”.  Nellie no stranger to the show ring having won the National Show Junior Championship last year and the calf Championship in 2016.  She calved back in December and is still producing 32kgs daily in her second lactation.  “She caught my eye as soon as she entered the ring, having such presence and style on parade she was an easy champion for me today.”

The Reserve Champion went to the heifer in milk Cotonhall Maurice Moonlight.  This is the first outing and first major win for this youngster although show success is in her blood as her mother Cotonhall Lennox Moonlight VG87 won the championship at Newport in 2017.  Moonlight calved in April at 23 months of age and is still producing 28kgs daily.  “This heifer had a phenomenal udder that sat high and wide, full of milk and this put her to the top of the class today.  She tracked on a great set of legs and feet with beautiful bone quality.  She is one to watch out for as she matures.”

Day two boasts the interbreed classes which were judged by Paul Harrison, Northumberland.  Cotonhall Maurice Moonlight was tapped out as Interbreed heifer Champion.  The judge was looking for dairyness, balance and an exceptional udder and he found that in the Dairy Shorthorn.  Congratulations to the Kite family for such a successful day. 

To all those involved at Staffordshire County Show this year, well done, to keep the classes open and bring forward exceptional animals is a credit to you all.

Stafford County Show Results 2018

Judge: John Lomax

Maiden Heifer Class 1st January 2017 – 31st August 2017

  1. Cotonhall Landmine Cherry - s. Panorama Landmine - R Kite
  2. Cotonhall Jagger Sapphire - s. Cotonhall Jagger - R Kite
  3. Drisgol Daisy 180 - s. Llandovery Prides Prophet - D Madeley
  4. Hawkeye Daffodil - s. Rantonall Edward - JR Brooks
  5. Hawkeye Annabell - s. Rantonall Edward - JR Brooks

Maiden Heifer Class 1st September 2017 - 31st January 2018

  1. Cotonhall Jackpot Pearl - s. Cotonhall Jackpot - R Kite
  2. Cotonhall Jackpot Cherry - s. Cotonhall Jackpot - R Kite
  3. Hawkeye Cynthia - s. Rantonall Edward - JR Brooks
  4. Nejay Erin 11 - s. Rodway Bomber - N Madeley

Heifer In Calf

  1. Cotonhall Attitude Pearl - s. D Attitude - R Kite
  2. Nejay Foggy 94 - s. Blackwood Park Dan - N Madeley

Heifer In Milk

  1. Cotonhall Maurice Moonlight - s. Cotonhall Maurice - R Kite
  2. Cotonhall Titan Joyce - s. Cotonhall Titan - R Kite

 Junior Cow In Milk

  1. Cotonhall Alfie Nellie - s. Cotonhall Alfie - R Kite

Group of Three

  1. R Kite
  2. JR Brooks

Progeny Pair

  1. Rantonall Edward - JR Brooks
  2. Cotonhall Jackpot - R Kite


CHAMPION: Cotonhall Alfie Nellie - R Kite

RESERVE:  Cotonhall Maurice Moonlight - R Kite

HONOURABLE MENTION: Cotonhall Attitude Pearl - R Kite

JUNIOR CHAMPION: Cotonhall Maurice Moonlight - R Kite