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12th September 2018 | Judge: James Lambe

Absolute Joy for Cotonhall

Judge James Lambe shook the hand of Colin Tiso who led this years Dairy Shorthorn Champion Cotonhall Absolute Joy to victory. This so aptly named heifer in milk is “close to perfection” according to the judge “she drew my eye the moment she set foot into the ring. For such a young animal she is exceptional”.

This is the first outing for Absolute Joy bred and owned by Rob Kite and family and what an outstanding debut! The Joys' originate from the Rantonall herd and they sure have been a family of note for Rob Kite. Cotonhall Joy 3rd EX92 the grand dam of this heifer in milk has also been a successful show winner gaining the championship titles at Stafford and Newport in the past. When commenting on his Champion James Lambe, Ballytrain Shorthorns, Co Monaghan states that “she is certainly one for the future. The size, length and stretch of his heifer is fantastic coupled with a beautiful high wide udder with great bloom, she was unstoppable today, truly a world class animal.” Joy calved a heifer by Cotonhall Joyland in July aged just two years and one month, she is currently giving 38kgs daily at 4.77%F and 3.09%P.

Reserve Champion: Westonia Gaylass 5

Reserve Champion: Westonia Gaylass 5

The Reserve Champion rosette was awarded to Westonia Gay Lass 5th owned in partnership by Roger Stockton and the Morgan family. She stood first in the senior cow in milk class having calved her fifth in May. Classified EX95 this time around she is currently giving 30kgs daily. This is the first major outing for the Nejay Ernie daughter since her victory here two years ago and before that she won the Reserve Championship at the National Show in 2013. Gay Lass sired by Nejay Ernie “is such an extremely well balanced cow with great style, parading on a tremendous set of legs and feet.. The overall balance and power of this cow with the great bloom in udder gave her the edge and secured her the reserve title today.”

Cotonhall Pingerley Clarissa finished off the Championship trio after winning the junior cow in milk class. Sired by Treeton Pingerley and out of a herd favourite Cotonhall Clarissa EX91 this junior cow is set to go far having just calved her third in July and she is not yet four years old. Currently giving 32kgs daily with 4.15%F and 3.29%P. James Lambe states “this is one beautiful individual, with a great frame and she paraded on a great set of legs and feet”. Previous wins include Champion Calf at the All Breeds All Britain Calf Show in 2015 and Reserve Champion here last year.

Yet another successful UK Dairy Day and that is purely down to the exhibitors who consistently take the time to show off their tremendous examples of the Dairy Shorthorn Breed. Thank you to each and everyone of you.


Heifer In Milk

  1. Cotonhall Absolute Joy - s. Apples Absolute Red - R Kite
  2. Marleycote Julia 8 - s. Marleycote Cosmonaut - GG Baynes & Son
  3. Shaunlea Geri 9 - s. Marleycote Dilemma - Shaun Dixon
  4. Burbrook Jinny's' Meg - s. Llandovery Jinny's Empire - R Harper        
  5. Cotonhall Butternut Sapphire - s: Blackwood Park Butternut - R Kite
  6. Nejay Erin 10 - s. Blackwood Park Dan - N Madeley
  7. Morwood Gay Lass 5 - s: Treeton Pimp - R Morgan
  8. Earlsgift Myrtle 30 - s. Hooton Envoy - Messrs' Crank

Junior Cow In Milk

  1. Cotonhall Pingerley Clarissa - s. Treeton Pingerley - R Kite
  2. Marleycote Chatter 20 - s: Llandovery Jinny's Empire - J Osbourne
  3. Avondale Vi 5 - s. Hooton Envoy - Messrs' Crank
  4. Shaunlea Geri 5 - s. Marleycote Dandy - Shaun Dixon
  5. Kayl Envoy Sandy - s. Hooton Envoy R Harper
  6. Morwood Prince Gay Lass 2 - s. Rodway Prince - R Morgan

Senior Cow In Milk

  1. Westonia Gay Lass 5 s: Nejay Ernie - R Morgan & R Stockton
  2. Morwood Rueben Tiny s. Rodway Rueben - R Morgan
  3. Tanat Oscar Felys s. Rodway Oscar - Messrs' Bailey
  4. Avondale Daisy 10 s. Strickley True Perfection - Messrs' Crank

CHAMPION: Cotonhall Absolute Joy - R Kite

RESERVE CHAMPION: Westonia Gay Lass 5 - R Morgan & R Stockton

HONOURABLE MENTION: Cotonhall Pingerley Clarissa - R Kite