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Highland Show 2013

9th-22nd June 2012 | Judge: Glenn Carter

Overall Supreme Champion: Earlsgift Cactus from Messrs E & M Crank

Champion: Bishopsbrae Royal Kathleen from Stephen Girvan

HEIFER not in calf born after  1st June 2011
1st     Lisnamulligan Sharon Rose 4th Adam Lawson
2nd     Bishopsbrae Royal Kathleen 3rd Stephen Girvan
3rd     Brafell Joyce 8th         Mr J Teasdale & Son
4th     Lisnamulligan Fairy 14th    Adam Lawson
5th     Newpark Bates Duchess II    Mr D. H. Craig
6th     Parkhouse Pansy 2    Mr D. H. Craig

HEIFER, in calf and due to calve on or after 1st August 2013
1st    Lisnamulligan Lady Barrington 2nd  Adam Lawson
2nd    Screel Erin         Miss Samantha Wilson
3rd    Brafell Hermione 12th    Mr J Teasdale & Son

COW,   in Calf having had one or more calvings
1st     Screel Red Rose 3rd    Miss Samantha Wilson
2nd     Penycoed Suprise 11th    Mr J Teasdale & Son
3rd     New Park Bales Duchess 9    Mr D. H. Craig
4th     New Park Jean 20        Mr D. H. Craig

COW,  in milk having had only one calving
1st    Brafell Molly 6th        Mr J Teasdale & Son
2nd    Lisnamulligan Princess Anne 4th  Adam Lawson
3rd    Brafell Vanity Fair     Mr J Teasdale & Son
4th    Bishopsbrae Royal Kathelean 2nd  Stephen Girvan
5th    Newpark Margaret 21    Mr D. H. Craig    

Reserve Breed Champion: Westonia Gay lass 5th from Mr Rob Morgan

Reserve Champion: Brafell Molly 6th from John Teasdale

COW,  in Milk, having had two or three calvings
1st     Linsnamulligan Whitetall 2nd    Adam Lawson
Cow in Milk having had four or more calvings
1st     Bishopsbrae Royal Kathleen    Stephen Girvan
2nd     Lisnamulligan Fairy 11th        Adam Lawson
3rd     Brafell Michelle                   Mr J Teasdale & Son

Junior Champion: Bishopsbrae Royal Kathleen    Stephen Girvan
Reserve Junior Champion: Lisnamulligan Lady Barrington 2nd  Adam Lawson
Champion: Bishopsbrae Royal Kathleen    Stephen Girvan
Reserve Champion: Brafell Molly 6th        Mr J Teasdale & Son
Best Animal Bred by Exhibitor: Bishopsbrae Royal Kathleen    Stephen Girvan