Shorthorn Society Links

Dairy Societies

American Milking Shorthorn Society -

Canadian Milking Shorthorn Society -

Dairy Shorthorns in Australia - Dairy Shorthorn Association of Australia -

Illawarra Cattle Society of Australia -

Irish Shorthorn Society -

Beef Societies

The American Shorthorn Association -

The Shorthorn Society of Australia -

Beef Shorthorn Society of Australia -

Canadian Shorthorn Association -

New Zealand Shorthorn Association -

Asociacion Argentina de Criadores de Shorthorn -

Cattle Health Schemes

Biobest Herdcare - Cattle Health Scheme

PCHS - Premium Cattle Health Scheme

Hi-Health - Cattle Health Scheme

AFBI Cattle Health Scheme - AFBI Cattle Health Scheme

Nationwide Cattle Health Scheme - Nationwide Cattle Health Scheme

Other Useful Links

Wright Marshall -

Nordic Star - Cattle Identifucation tags -

Blue Merle - Natural Animal Health products -

NMR is the leading supplier of milk recording services in the UK, providing management information on individual cow's performance in terms of milk quality, yield and fertility.

Scottish Farmer -

Farming Scotland Magazine -

Farmers Guardian -

British Livestock Genetics -

Holstein Cattle Society -

Ayrshire Cattle Society -

United Auctions - Perth -

Jersey Cattle Society -

DairyCo Breeding+ evaluations - DairyCo

Royal Show - All you need to know about the 'Royal Show' -

International Agri-Technology Centre - offers support and advice on market opportunities at home and abroad -

General agricultural links & other cattle sites -

Acstede Design - creating innovative graphic solutions, from corporate identities to digital media -